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Our History

All of my life I received great support for school, sports, any interest I had, and in my career. I also went through periods of little to no support from coaches and supervisors, making me realize how important that early support was. Over the last 15 years I have worked hard to return the favor by helping younger professionals at work and coaching my daughters' youth teams (and other coaches at that level). I have found the most satisfaction in these areas, and now wish to provide it on a broader scale.

Our Name

"Complete" is how you feel when you are happy at play, work (or school) and home. And I've found that learning life lessons through sports, and seeking a job that turns into a vocation, depends on being happy at home...and can make that home happier. "3" symbolizes how the work, play and family aspects of our life are tied together.

Our Mission

Youth sports counseling and early career counseling are things that make our communities better and life more enjoyable, and we want to bring more of this to the Baltimore area. We serve not only youth athletes and young adults entering the work place, but also the adults who coach the and the parents and family members that help them find their place in the world.

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