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Much of what is studied floats away after the grades are final.  But the desire to learn, lasting long after the caps and gowns have been put away, is the gift we cannot thank teachers enough for.

Teachers do more than instruct - they mentor, serve, and awaken what lies inside each student.  Learning becomes a joy when there is a connection, a rapport, between student and teacher.  Being able to play the role of mentor, when appropriate, provides that connection and rapport.

We offer mentor training that lets you find and use Your Story to help students see further into the world ahead, and see deeper into themselves.  We select the specific methods from a variety of proven, modern-day methods, matched to your school culture, goals, and the type of students you serve.  If you have specific methods already adopted, we can incorporate them into the training to offer faster progress with less effort and frustration.

We offer single-teacher/mentor training, group training, and program development so that you can provide the training afterwards to your teaching staff each year.  Our approach differs from others in that, when the training sessions end, we follow-up with you to reinforce what was learned, make adjustments, and ensure that it becomes part of your culture.  Just as you do with your students, we want the the learning to last for a lifetime.

We also offer classes for parents, helping them to simply enjoy the growth their children experience in the classroom.

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